Shocked residents have expressed their outrage after three high-speed car accidents have been reported in the last five days.

Dave Smith, of Eastern Avenue, contacted the Chronicle when the latest incident caused a car traveling in excess of 60mph to lose control and crash into the wall in front of a residential property.

The lower end of Eastern Avenue, which sits between Cemetery Junction and Erleigh Road has been designated as a 20mph speed limit.

As well as the accident that happened on Monday, November 13, two further incidents were reported to police on Wednesday, November 8.

Police confirmed that the road traffic collision at around 9.50 pm on Eastern Avenue involved a black Jaguar XF as it mounted the pavement and crashed into the perimeter wall of a property.

Emergency Services were also spotted on Eastern Avenue on November 8 during the school run where a driver collided with several cars and a bike.

Onlookers said that the driver struck two cars at the bottom of the avenue when he was attempting to get away.

Dave said: “This lunacy has been going on for quite a while. We went to the council 3 years ago when the speeding started on Eastern Avenue and were told that it would be too expensive to put any speed measures in place.

“It’s worrying that it will most likely take a fatality to do anything about the speeding which happens every night.”

“During the latest accident yesterday (13/11), it sounded like there was a gas explosion. We live a couple of houses down on Eastern Avenue and the crash caused bricks from the wall to fly through the windows at the front of the house.”

According to neighbors, several near misses have also been reported over the years on the 20mph road in East Reading

The resident explained how he was forced to jump over a fence alongside his wife when a car almost struck the pair at 5 pm in the evening.

A spokesperson from Thames Valley Police said: "Thames Valley Police operates an evidence and risk based assessment of all potential enforcement sites, a full assessment is made and if there is evidence of speed and a risk to road users then camera enforcement will be considered as a potential solution.

"There are a number of considerations and checks made before deploying cameras, these include: Evidence of excessive speed from speed survey data; collision and casualty data; potential risk to road users; analysis of traffic data; site assessment for suitability of mobile enforcement, including van placement and operational requirements.

"We would ask the community to report to the force any matters relating to vehicles being driven at excess speed via our website."