CAMPAIGNERS against a plan to build dozens of homes on a golf course in Reading are ‘delighted’ the proposal has been withdrawn.

Development company Bewley Homes was hoping to build 72 homes on part of Calcot Park Golf Course in partnership with the club.

But opponents are celebrating as a plan for the golf course has been withdrawn.

The project would have involved construction work split across two locations: site A comprised of a clubhouse, and a residential element in a wooded area called site B.

Bewley Homes wanted to build a mix of two, three, four and five-bedroom homes on site B, which would have required establishing a new road with access off New Lane Hill in Tilehurst.

Reading Chronicle: The site plan for the withdrawn proposal to create 72 homes at Calcot Park Golf Course off New Lane Hill in Calcot. Credit: The Noble ConsultancyThe site plan for the withdrawn proposal to create 72 homes at Calcot Park Golf Course off New Lane Hill in Calcot. Credit: The Noble Consultancy

Justifying the project, a  planning agent from The Noble Consultancy said: “Calcot Park Golf Club seek to secure the long-term future of the club by delivering a new, state-of the-art clubhouse facility that meets the needs of the golf club and it’s members, in place of the existing clubhouse as well as the development of a small part of the site for housing, which will enable the former.”

However, the planning application which was submitted to West Berkshire Council has now been withdrawn.

The move has been welcomed by the Berkshire branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE), which argued the project would have meant the loss of green space, mature trees, and wildlife habitats.

CPRE Berkshire chairman Greg Wilkinson said: “We are delighted that the planning application has been withdrawn but are concerned that unless Calcot Park is properly protected we might have to face another development scheme in the near future.

“These sorts of schemes come up all too often, and we must be on our guard.”

The proposal had long proved divisive, with a substantive list of people objecting to or supporting the project.

Sir Alok Sharma, the Conservative MP for Reading West conducted a survey of more than 130 homes which found 84 per cent of respondents had concerns about the site of the proposed homes and the access route, and 85 per cent of respondents said the development would have an adverse impact on schools and medical practices.

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Meanwhile, among those in favour one supporter welcomed the development, arguing it would have produced a new efficient clubhouse, with the new homes meeting the local need.

You can view the withdrawn application by typing reference 23/01080/FULMAJ into West Berkshire Council’s planning portal.

The golf course could be protected from development if it is designated as a Local Green Space, which is one of the proposals within the Tilehurst Parish Neighbourhood Plan.

Supporting that suggestion, Mr Wilkinson said:  “Green spaces such as Calcot Park deserve long-term protection. We have already lost too much of our countryside to inappropriate development in recent years.

“It is vital that we rally round to defend what’s left.”

Additionally, 88 per cent of respondents to Sir Alok’s survey said they supported Tilehurst Parish Council’s plans to designate the golf course as Local Green Space.