“I’M embarrassed,” said a woman who has accused a man of raping her after she engaged in a sexual act for money in Reading.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was allegedly approached by a man outside McDonald’s in Oxford Road on April 27 and was offered money in exchange for a sexual act.

However, she reported that she was ‘flung around’ and raped by the stranger.

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Reading Chronicle: McDonald’s in Oxford RoadMcDonald’s in Oxford Road (Image: Google)

Ciprian Spanu, 38, is now on trial at Reading Crown Court charged with one count of rape – which he denies.

During the trial on Tuesday (October 31), the court heard that Spanu and the woman allegedly walked around the corner down Western Elms Avenue after she agreed to engage in a sexual act to ‘make some money’.

The pair reportedly stopped by some garages in Baron Court, off the avenue, where she allegedly carried out the sexual act before being ‘flung around and raped’.

Police were phoned straight away after the woman returned to the McDonalds and told her two friends who she was with on the night. The call was recorded and played to the jury in court.

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In the phone call, the woman said: “I went round…I went…I went into the garages with him…and he…he threw himself on me.

“I’m embarrassed. I agreed to [a sexual act] and I [did the sexual act] and then he flung me around and he…and he…and he put it inside me.”

During the phone call, the woman described the offender as being ‘white, 5”5 and of a stocky build’.

She said he was driving a white Volkswagen Transporter with red writing which she said was parked opposite the McDonalds in Oxford Road but had driven off at the time of the phone call.

The jury then heard in the phone call that officers had arrived in Oxford Road to help the woman.

Reading Chronicle: Baron CourtBaron Court (Image: Google)

In body worn footage, also played to the jury, the officer asked the woman what happened.

She could be heard saying: “It’s embarrassing, I’m not proud. I agree to [a sexual act] and he flung me around…”

The woman could be heard starting to cry. Her friend then spoke to the officer and said: “He f****** raped her.”

Napkins with forensic evidence were then seized by the officers.

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Spanu, of James Way, Donnington, has denied the offence. He is also facing one charge of breaching his bail conditions between August 31 and September 16 by not living and sleeping at his home address.

The trial continues.