A DENTAL practice that sits as a hidden gem within Reading's Green Park has introduced 'game-changing technology' to help improve a patient's experience when visiting the hygienist.

Olive Tree Dental (OTD) sits discreetly within the business park just off the M4 at Junction 10 and pays homage to its surroundings by carrying a natural, earthy theme throughout the practice.

Likened to a spa, the calming nature of the private dental practice - that opened in place of a former Asda click and collect store in March 2020 - is felt from the moment you step through the doors.

Olive Tree Dental announced earlier this summer that it has introduced new 'state-of-the-art technology' called Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) and invited the Chronicle along to try it out what it says is a first for Reading.

Clinicians at the practice have undergone special training to provide the 'game-changing' experience which promises to be less invasive, and less painful than a regular trip to the hygienist can often be.

Hygienist treatments aim to improve patients’ hygiene and oral health with teeth cleaning that often includes descaling and polishing which can sometimes be uncomfortable.

Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) is hoped to be a sensitive approach to teeth cleaning which OTD says will leave your teeth feeling smoother and cleaner and remain polished for longer.

Reading Chronicle: Olive Tree Dental in Reading launches Guided Biofilm Technology. Pic: OTD

Principal and lead dentist Dr Ash Zyada said: "GBT is an invaluable treatment as it enables us to see things we can’t see with the naked eye.

"It has become a very popular treatment and I’m very proud of the team on achieving this certification, we want to educate our patients on the importance of oral health as we want to maintain healthy smiles.”

The multi-step process starts with X-rays to get an overview of your dental health before your dentist shows you exactly where the hidden staining (plaque and tartar) is on your teeth. This is done by using essentially a mouthwash which leaves behind a pink residue in areas of plaque build up - often those hard to reach areas.

Not only does this highlight the areas that need extra attention during the appointment but educates a patient on exactly where they may be falling short during home dental care.

The dentist will then use compressed air across various processes to effectively gently jet-wash the various areas of concern, in the Chronicle's experience proving more comfortable than the traditional and often scraping methods that can be used for teeth cleaning.

The GBT Airflow treatment uses a mixture of water, compressed air and ultra-fine powder to clean and protect sensitive teeth from staining. For the Chronicle, the addition of Dr Anjali Vasudev's Taylor Swift playlist in the background also helped calm the nerves.

Olive Tree Dental is a private-led, three-surgery practice based in Green Park Business Park in Reading. The practice opened its doors in March 2020 after a 10-month renovation described as a 'labour of love' for operational director Sam Elrashedy and lead principal Dr Ash Zyada.

The practice boasts 'affordable Olive Tree Dental membership plans' and is currently taking on new patients.

Reading Chronicle: Olive Tree Dental in Reading launches Guided Biofilm Technology. Pic: OTD

Guided Biofilm Technology - review

It is no hidden secret that dental practices are under pressure with many NHS sites unable to take on new patients. This has prompted a boost in many patients moving over to private dental practices.

The Chronicle was invited down to Olive Tree Dental in Green Park to try out its latest introduction of Guided Biofilm Technology, as an alternative approach to a traditional hygienist appointment.

Stepping through the doors, the practice could be mistaken for a spa. From the natural green foliage decorating the walls and ceilings, relaxing music, and essential oil diffusers scattered around, the serenity is felt from the off.

Dentist Dr Anjali Vasudev's continued the peaceful approach as she started the 'game-changing treatment' explaining every part of the process along the way. It is important a patient feel at ease but also aware of why and what is happening throughout any treatment.

The 'disclosure' phase of the process was incredibly educational and a great way for any patient to understand (by visibly using the pink mouth wash) exactly which teeth and areas need a bit more love and attention.

Then the process of using compressed air to tackle any problem spots proved as non-invasive as promised and weirdly relaxing. A far cry from the teeth-gritting feeling that too often comes with the thought of going to the hygienist and all that it entails.

Dental education is just as important as any practice that your dentist may perform, providing a patient with the tools to better their oral health and continue to look after their teeth effectively.

Most importantly, Dentist Dr Anjali Vasudev expertly explained every detail to help the patient when moving forwards in their personal oral care - all while creating a calm and enjoyable setting for the 40-minute treatment.

Prices for the GBT service start from £79, with discounts for Olive Tree Dental members.

For more information and a full list of costings, visit: www.olivetreedental.co.uk