A family have slammed EasyJet's treatment as "disgusting" after they were left "stranded" in last-minute strike action. 

Jade Roberts, 34, and her partner James Roberts from Reading were on holiday in Paris with their two children enjoying a long-awaited trip to Disneyland.

Working for the NHS, Jade worked extra hours to save up for the holiday, which her Disney-obsessed autistic daughter Matilda, eight and son Reggie, five, "loved".

On their return, the family arrived at Charles de Gaulle airport on October 13 having received multiple notifications that their flight had been delayed.

She described entering the airport to scenes of "commotion".

At check-in it wasn't until their first bag was sent off that the family were told that their flight home was cancelled alongside the family's special assistance for Matilda.

EasyJet staff "walked off" from the scene as the family descended into panic.

It appeared all EasyJet flights from the airport had been cancelled - while other flight operators seemingly continued. 

Two hours later the family were told accommodation would not be provided, but individually sought accommodation could be refunded if 3* or less.

The family could not find anything meeting EasyJet's criteria, with the cheapest hotel available costing £800 a night and EasyJet's next flight home 48 hours away.

"Nobody told us why it had been cancelled," Jade said.

"Having to explain to an autistic child with special needs that we can't go back [to Disneyland] and we can't go home. It was awful.

"We had no blanket and it was freezing. I was having to put extra layers on my kids and find a safe corner in the airport to keep my children safe. 

"Me and my partner had to do shifts to try and get some rest - we were up most of that night trying to watch the kids and get hold of someone."

Upon hearing about the situation, Jade's father Dan Guelbert quickly made what he said was an "easy decision", beginning a 12-hour round trip to pick the family up via the Eurotunnel.

He described the look on the family's face as "sheer relief" on his arrival.

Jade added that the situation distressed Matilda "massively".

"Now I won't ever get her on a plane again. It has ruined it," she added.

"I've never been so helpless, when my dad came through the door I just cried."

Leaving the airport the family said they still couldn't find a member of staff.

Since the incident, Jade has contacted EasyJet and put in a claim for compensation - which Jade said has been refused by EasyJet due to the circumstances and the family taking the situation into their own hands.

Describing EasyJet's treatment Jade said: "Disgusting. Absolutely dreadful.

"I wasn't the only one in that airport. I couldn't believe they had no sympathy, no empathy. They just didn't care."

A spokesperson from EasyJet said: “We are very sorry for Ms Roberts’ experience at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport after her flight was unable to operate, due to the knock on impact of French national strike action affecting all airlines operating to and from France at this time. 

“The safety and wellbeing of our customers is our highest priority and we always want to ensure our customers are taken care of if their flight is disrupted. 

“We notified all customers directly with their options to transfer to another flight or a refund which we have already processed for Ms Roberts. 

“We also sourced hotel accommodation and meals for all customers and advise anyone who needs book their own that they will be reimbursed, so we are looking into this with our ground handling partner at the airport and have been in touch with Ms Roberts to understand more about her experience and reimburse her expenses, as this isn’t the level of care we expect to be provided to our customers.”