Organisations are being sought to sponsor the planting of new trees in Reading.

Ethical Reading, a social enterprise that helps local organisations make a positive social and environmental impact, is looking to connect with businesses to fund the planting and care of urban trees.

The tree-planting season begins in November, so members are keen to attract funding for more trees around the town over the coming weeks.

Ethical Reading developed and runs the Trees for Reading initiative in partnership with Reading Tree Wardens and Reading Borough Council.

Last year the scheme was responsible for adding 41 substantial young trees in parts of town where they will make maximum impact, including low-income areas with low levels of tree cover and built-up central areas.

Theale-based insurance and financial services company, Macbeth, sponsored two trees in West Reading. The Freeman’s maples (scientific name: acer freemanii ‘autumn blaze’) were planted in Dee Road, next to St Michael’s Primary School.

The planting was carried out by contractors working on behalf of Reading Borough Council, who will also be providing watering for the first two years, to help them get established.

Trees for Reading lead, councillor Kathryn McCann said:  “We’re grateful to Macbeth for their generous donation, which has allowed us to bring more trees to this part of town, where tree cover is low and pollution high.

“As they grow, they will help to improve air quality in the area.

“Young lungs can be especially vulnerable to the impact of airborne pollutants, so this location right next to a primary school will ensure the trees have maximum positive impact.”

Millie Smith, Marketing Director at Macbeth, said: “With many of our people born and bred in Reading, we’ve always been passionate about supporting local community-based projects.

“We’re delighted to be a part of this project, knowing the fantastic benefits the trees will bring, improving mental health and general wellbeing, helping to reduce summer heat and boosting biodiversity.”

If you work for a business that might be interested in supporting tree planting in the town, you can find out more by searching for ‘Trees for Reading’ on the Ethical Reading website.

Cllr McCann is a Green Party representative for Redlands ward.

The council’s published its Tree Strategy in 2021 which has an aim of planting  3,000 trees on council land by 2030.

To that end, 387 trees were planted between November 2022 and March 2023.

In an effort to increase tree planting, the council has also teamed up with the Trees for Streets organisation, another initiative which allows people to sponsor a tree for planting in their neighbourhood.