WHITE flies have been spotted swarming across Worcestershire in recent days - but people have been asking what they are and why there are so many this time of year. 

It turns out the insects, known as whiteflies, have not just been swarming in our region, but reports suggest they have been across the UK.

The bugs are typically found in greenhouses or on house plants. 

According to gardeningdirect.co.uk, despite their pretty appearance, Whiteflies can actually weaken plants and make them vulnerable to further attacks from other pests and diseases.

Reading Chronicle: FLY: Whiteflies have been spotted across Worcestershire FLY: Whiteflies have been spotted across Worcestershire (Image: Newsquest)Experts say whiteflies are a relative of the aphid and they love warm sunny conditions - so they have thrived in the recent conditions of the Indian Summer the UK has enjoyed.

But Gardening Direct encourages people to squash the eggs if you see them on the leaves.

Gardeners can also try tapping the leaves of infected plants and, using a vacuum cleaner, sucking up the clouds of whitefly as they fly up.

"Alternatively, spray plants with soapy water or purchase yellow sticky strips which attract the flies and causes them to stick to the card," the website suggests.