Celebrations took place in Reading to mark the centenary of the historic Reading Bridge.

Exactly 100 years after the bridge was opened, the chairman of the Borough Extension Committee, John Wessley Martin unveiled a plaque to mark the occassion.

On Tuesday, October 3, three vintage cars supplied by Berkshire Motor Show cruised across the bridge carrying councillors and members of the Caversham and District Residents Association.

John Ennis, Lead Councillor for Climate Strategy and Transport, said: “Reading Bridge remains an iconic and historic structure that has served the town fantastically well over the last 100 years.

“It is a key part of our infrastructure for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists from Reading and beyond and it was wonderful to see the historic cars and bicycles travelling over it this morning on its centenary, as both a nod to its incredible history and to illustrate just how much times have changes since it was first opened.

“I’m certain that Reading’s historic bridge will remain in situ for the next hundred years too, even if not many of us will be around to see it!!