A MAN has died after suffering from a traumatic head injury after falling from standing.

Neil Huyzer was aged 54 when he died at the John Radcliffe Hospital on July 19 this year, an inquest opening has heard.

His death followed a fall which occurred a few days prior on July 11 while Mr Huyzer was at home.

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He was first taken to Royal Berkshire Hospital before being transferred to the neuro-intensive unit in Oxford.

An inquest opening took place at Berkshire’s Coroners Court on September 26 to determine the cause of Mr Huyzer’s death.

Assistant coroner Alison McCormick explained that Mr Huyzer had end-stage renal failure and had recently undergone surgery on June 12.

A month later, he fell at home and suffered from an intravenous and subdural haemorrhage.

After initial assessment at the Reading hospital, he was transferred to Oxford but his Glasglow Coma score was three out of 15 and remained low throughout his admission.

Ms McCormick said: “It was felt he would not be able to survive this incident so his life support was let down.”

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A cause of death has been offered as neuro sepsis, traumatic brain injury and renal failure.

On October 24, a full inquest will take place at 2pm.