A Woodley campaigner has proposed the creation of a new banking hub as a compromise to the closure of their local Nat West branch.

Dudley Jones, a Woodley resident is known in the area as a persistent campaigner who looks out for issues of community interest.

After months of issuing a petition to members of the public, he has received just short of 200 signatures from Nat West customers who are against the closure of the Nat West bank in the town.

Following months of correspondence with the national banking institution and residents, the option to open a banking hub for multiple banks in the neighborhood has been considered a 'compromise'.

Despite these hubs popping up across the UK, Mr Jones has stated that after speaking with Nat West, they are not currently interested in the creation of a hub in the town.

Dudley said: “The creation of a banking hub seems like the most sensible option if they are adamant in closing the main bank.

“It would mean that the other banks that have also closed could also use it on certain days and it would serve older members of the community who aren’t able to get to the Reading branch and need to speak to someone about their banking in person.

“I have a few more signatures to get before I reach 200 in the petition and then I can approach Nat West again.”