A talented student from Stagecoach Performing Arts Reading East has joined the cast with a supporting role in the critically acclaimed ‘Matilda the Musical’, currently showing in the West End.

The Reading boy, who studies at Stagecoach Reading East, will be playing the iconic role of the lead's classmate "Bruce" in the award-winning musical.

His hard work and dedication allowed him to showcase his skills and bring an energy and lovable charm to the role.

The musical will continue to run in the West End throughout the autumn and winter months, extending into 2024.

Those close to the Reading boy expressed their excitement and pride in seeing him make his West End debut in such a renowned production.

They explained that it was a celebration of the years of hard work and training that went into the audition and rehearsal process.

Chris Rosser, the Principal of Stagecoach Reading East, praised the casting as the perfect choice for the character of Bruce.

He emphasized the performer's friendly smile and boundless energy, which made a positive impression from the moment he joined Stagecoach.

Rosser also highlighted the universal appeal of "Matilda the Musical" and expressed optimism that this would be the first of many successful shows.

Audiences can look forward to seeing his portrayal of Bruce in "Matilda the Musical" and witnessing the beginning of a promising career in the theatre. 


  • This article was amended on September 10 to remove the child's name and photograph at the request of Agency Brazil.