Travellers occupying one of the biggest parks in Reading have been evicted.

Thames Valley Police exercised powers on Wednesday, August 30 to move the two groups who have since left the park.

The groups established two encampments in Prospect Park, with one group occupying the park near its Honey End Lane entrance, and another occupying a patch near Liebenrood Road.

However, a spokesperson for Reading Borough Council was told that police have used their powers which has led the groups to leave the land.

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There have also been reports of Traveller groups occupying Woodford Park and Ashenbury Park in Woodley.

Wokingham Borough Council, which manages these parks, has declared that it is working with court bailiffs to evict the people occupying the parks.

It is understood the groups are in Reading for a funeral but that has not been verified.

While unauthorised camping is not a criminal offence, trespassing is a civil offence.

In order for a council to get unauthorised campers to move on, it can either ask the campers to leave or apply for an eviction notice from a court.

Police forces have the power to direct those who have set unauthorised encampments to move on if they are made up of six or more vehicles and if any person within the encampment has “caused damage, disruption or distress.”

These powers are granted in Section 61 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994.