AN American singer and songwriter has fulfilled a dream of performing at Reading Festival and described the event as ‘a blast’.

Taylor Upsahl, known as UPSAHL, performed on Sunday (August 27) at the annual music event on the Festival Republic Stage.

The 24-year-old, from Phoenix, Arizona, said festivalgoers had ‘so much energy’ during her performance and she could have ‘performed all day’.

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“It was exciting,” she said. “Especially playing early in the day as it can be hit or miss like… are people going to show up? But it was a blast.

“For a Sunday as well I thought people be hungover but they had so much energy. The set was too short, it was 30 minutes but I could have played all day.”

UPSAHL, who released her debut album, Lady Jesus, in 2021, said she knew about the festival from a young age and described it as event she always hoped she could perform at.

She said: “I remember growing up and surfing the internet and watching bands playing at festivals and Reading was one that always come up and I was like, ‘Oh f*** I want to play at Reading one day’.

“But I never thought it would ever happen.”

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When asked if she hoped she could perform at the event again, she said: “I would die. This is my first year of playing festivals at all and I love the idea of starting on a smaller stage and going up.”

As well as being a performer, Upsahl is also well known for her songwriting and has been credited with writing songs for artists such as Dua Lipa, Anne-Marie, Little Mix, Demi Lovato and more.

“I stumbled into writing for other people when I was writing songs for myself,” she said. “One of my new songs ended up going to Dua Lipa and I was like, ‘Oh my God’.

“I love working with other artists, especially women, and since then whenever I have the chance to be in the room with another female artist, I love to hear their stories.”

UPSAHL added that was looking forward to exploring the rest of the festival and watching other artists.

“Me and my friends love going to festivals,” she said. “There’s music everywhere and the people are so nice to each other.”

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UPSAHL’s next PHX tape release will be next month before she opens on tour with Tove Lo later this year.

She is also working on her next album.