Fluffy Fluffy’s hottest new pancake café is set to open in Reading town centre and the Reading Chronicle was kindly given a taster to see what all the fuss was about.

North America’s largest soufflé pancake and dessert café offers a unique take on the classic American pancake using a Japanese recipe and style of cooking.

For those with a bit of a sweet tooth, you won’t be able to stay away from its new venue on Broad Street, which at the moment is one of only three venues across the whole of the UK.

Although the grand opening of the pancake shop has been extended until September 8, the Chronicle was offered the chance to taste these heavenly confections two weeks early.

The experience of tasting a fluffy fluffy pancake for the first time had many mixed reactions across the newsroom.

Although there are a variety of toppings, we were treated to what I could only describe as a mixture of Bischoff and Banoffee…

Although the combination may sound like a disaster in the making, the lightness and cloudlike consistency of Fluffy Fluffy’s souffle pancakes made it the perfect pairing.

At first taste, the consistency takes a while to acclimate to, especially if you are used to the taste and texture of traditional pancakes.

Once you make it to the third or fourth bite, you honestly will never go back. 

The sweeter-than-sweet bischoff topping was offset by the slices of banana to make the whole concoction just sweet enough to eat the whole serving (2 pancakes). 

Depending on your preference, the dessert would be perfectly paired with anything from a cup of tea to one of their delicious specialty espressos.

This reporter however would not recommend something overly sweet - unless of course, you have a superhuman sugar tolerance. 

Alongside the sweeter options like Nutella, Fluffy Fluffy also offers a wide range of toppings including pistachio, creme brulee, blueberry, and tiramisu. 

Refreshments on offer include specialty drinks such as Strawberry Espresso, Matcha Espresso, and Mango and Passion black tea.