A CARE home in Lower Earley made a residents’ musical wish come true.

Valerie Handford, a resident at Austen House care home in Lower Earley had always wanted to play with The Salvation Army band again, so staff at the home set about making her wish a reality.

Iuliana Buican, Activities Coordinator, first found out about Valerie’s dream when she was reminiscing about how she loved to play in a band in her youth.

Valerie’s father was a Band Master in the Salvation Army when she was born, and Valerie has always considered herself to be part of the band too.

At the age of 7 she started learning to play the cornett, she fell in love with this musical instrument and never gave it up.

Iuliana from the Life Enrichment team and Valerie’s daughter Vanessa made arrangements for Valerie to go to the Salvation Army on Oxford Road and play the cornett with the band again.

Valerie said she loved being back with her friends and said: “I never thought that I would be here with all of you today”.

In response to this wonderful surprise, Valerie, said: “I was on the verge of tears. It is such an amazing feeling to know that such a loving group of people care so much about me that they helped me to live out a dream – and I didn’t even ask.”