Reading town centre was buzzing with life this weekend (12/8) as performers and musicians from across the globe took part in The Carnival of the World.

From the famous Steel band, RASPO to the colourful carnival parade, onlookers were treated to a spectacular display on Saturday, August 12.

Crowds of shoppers and residents stopped to marvel at the performances happening throughout the day from 12 pm to 6 pm.

Mary Genis, has worked alongside the team at Culture Mix to create a fantastic day out on Broad Street.

She said: “I and my team organised this. I could not possibly do this on my own. It’s been some months in the planning and it takes a lot of organising but it’s a lot of fun. We’ve got a big team which includes the site team, the stage team, and the logistics team. There are about 15 people who are helping to organise the whole event.

This is a celebration of diversity. It celebrates all the different cultures and all the different people, not just in Reading but in this country and globally.

“We want people to come and celebrate diversity. We’re also celebrating the 75th anniversary of when HMS Windrush arrived at Tilbury Docks with all those people from the Caribbean. They weren’t the first, but that was the one that the BBC filmed.

“So, you’ve got a celebration, a 75th anniversary and yesterday was world steel band day. We love to celebrate diversity and culture through music, reggae dance, all of it, and to really share the joy of the arts. We want people to get involved in a really positive way.”

Matilda Greenfield, a student from Theale Primary School is part of the RASPO steel band who played at the carnival.

She was joined by her family who came out to the carnival on Broad Street.

Matilda’s aunt, Abbie Hulbert said: “Some of the students at Theale school are learning the steel drums and they are loving it. They could play steel drums every day if they had the chance.

“I think it is absolutely amazing.”