Dozens of Woodley residents have signed the petition to prevent the closure of a much-loved town centre bank.

Nat West announced that it's Woodley branch is marked for closure on October 5 in a letter to customers.

This follows the announcement that states another 40 branches are to close across the UK – in addition to the 66 earlier this year.

These closures have often left people with no choice but to travel to larger towns or in some cases, switch banks altogether.

Following the news of the closure, an 83-year-old Woodley Resident created a petition to halt the closure which has so far gained dozens of signatures and heaps of community support.

Dudley Jones, 83, said: “I’ve had quite a lot of support from the community and so far we’ve got 55 signatures for the petition.

“I still have a long way to go but I’m hoping to get 100 signatures. I would love it if Natwest could become our ‘community bank’.

“By putting the needs of the local community at the forefront they could create a new image. After reports of increased profiteering, it would definitely help their reputation.

"I've always liked Natwest. They have been so helpful and supportive when it comes to banking and changing banks is not something I want to do.

"It may be something I may be forced to do, however."

Alongside the petition, Dudley has resorted to an angle forced to get the bank's attention.

He explained: "To try and gain more interest from Natwest I am also asking people who would be willing to change to Lloyds Bank in Woodley and pocket a £125 signing bonus.

"From the 55 signatures, we have 17 people who feel like they would be forced to move due to different circumstances."