Frustrated Reading residents have said that they have felt ‘neglected’ after Royal Mail announced it would not be delivering mail to the property.

The UK postal company posted a notice for homeowners and residents at Winterbrook House claiming that due to issues with access to the property, they would be unable to deliver mail or parcels for the foreseeable future.

This is thought to be due to the ‘vandalised’ keypad and buzzer system preventing visitors, delivery drivers and repair people from entering any of the flats within the house.

Winterbrook House resident, Mimi explained: “We have received a notice from Royal Mail to say that they will no longer be sending parcels to our flat. The buzzer keypad has been vandalised for almost a year now, and Southern Housing still has not fixed it. 

“I feel that Southern Housing has neglected the residents of Winterbrook House, and this has been a pattern for a number of years now.

“Southern Housing has not communicated any progress regarding this repair with the residents of this building, and I find that very concerning.”

According to the notice the Royal Mail posted for residents, any mail could be picked up at the nearest delivery centre on Loverock Road in Reading West.

Following the reduction in their opening hours, this leaves residents with a two-hour window in which to collect parcels not delivered to their home.

Mimi added: “Many of the residents in this building are key workers, and this means that we can’t always collect our parcels within the allocated time.

“I start work early in the morning, so in order to collect a parcel from the Loverock Road Depot I would have to either take time off work or show up late. Some residents in this building are also disabled, and Southern Housing has failed to care for their needs.”

A spokesperson from Royal Mail has responded to the Chronicle following a request for comment saying that the notice which was displayed was a temporary measure after having difficulties accessing the building.

They said: "Our postmen and women have had difficulties accessing the property due to a damaged access panel and illegible apartment numbers. We have spoken to residents and requested they raise this with their management company which is responsible for maintaining the building.

“The notice was put up as a temporary measure for residents. However, we now have access to the property and will remove the sign in due course."

According to Southern Housing, a contractor was sent to the property on Thursday, August 3 to see if a temporary fix on the current intercom system would be possible.

A spokesperson from Southern Housing said: “We’re still looking to install a new system and have arranged with another contractor to attend by the end of the month to carry out this work. We’re sorry for the delay in fixing the intercom system at Winterbrook House. We will be updating our residents with further details on all the work being carried out.”