A by-election is being held in one area of Reading today to elect a representative following the death of the deputy mayoress in June.

The election is taking place to find a councillor to represent Norcot ward which covers parts of West Reading and east Tilehurst.

Six candidates are standing in the election, with hopefuls from the Labour Party, the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats, the Green Party, the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition and independent candidate Alan Gulliver.

People will be voting in person today with polling stations open from now until 10pm.

Each voter has a designated polling station depending on their address, with voting taking place at three locations in the community.

They are:

  1. St George’s Church and Church Centre, St George’s Road, Tilehurst
  2. St Michael’s Primary School, Dee Road, Tilehurst
  3. Dee Space Community Centre, Thurso Close, Tilehurst

If you want to vote today, you will need to show photo ID such as a driving licence, passport or a Voter Authority Certificate. You can view a full list of valid photo ID online.

You can view the six candidates in the graphic below:

Norcot has so far been a Labour stronghold, with candidate Finn McGoldrick hoping to hold the seat following the death of Labour cllr Colette Dennis on Wednesday, June 7.

Meanwhile, the opposition parties that are already on the council are hoping to increase their representation.

The Conservatives came in second place in the annual elections earlier this year, with hopes that their candidate Elizabeth Sheppard will make an impression.

Reading Chronicle: St Georges Church in St Georges Road, Tilehurst. Credit: Google MapsSt Georges Church in St Georges Road, Tilehurst. Credit: Google Maps

Richard Walkem, a member of the Green Party which is the lead opposition party, stood in Norcot earlier this year and is doing so again, and Liberal Democrat Marie French is hoping to replicate her party’s successes deeper in Tilehurst.

Jen Bottom, who is standing for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition is an activist and can regularly be seen with fellow party members in outreach sessions in Broad Street.

Alan Gulliver is standing as an Independent candidate again after running for election in Norcot this May.

He is a proud Romani Gypsy, is active on Twitter, and is running on a platform of campaigning for curbside glass recycling, free communal garden waste collections and reducing the price of council car parking.