A STAFF member has spoken out of abuse amid mass closures of high street banks.

High street banks all over the country have been making cuts - most recently Virgin Money announced it was closing its Reading branch.

Virgin Money said "customers continue to change the way they want to bank" including fewer transactions in-store and turning to digital banking.

All stores that are closing are less than half a mile from the nearest Post Office, Virgin Money says.

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Virgin Money has said customers can use the Post Office to carry out day‐to-day transactions, including cash deposits and withdrawals, cheque deposits and balance enquiries as well as coin exchange.

However, staff member at the post office, Stephanie Gilliam, said staff are "fed up" of the abuse they are getting, "because the banks are telling the customers that we do the same transactions as the banks and we don’t."

The recent announcement of Virgin Money closing its Reading branch has prompted residents to share concerns of a "cashless society".

Sarah Mundy commented: "How can you rely on a cashless society? I went in Aldi last night. The tills were down. Was cash only. So reliable. What happens if you cant get cash?"

Samantha Vigor said the loss of banks is "turning our villages into ghost towns."

Other residents were concerned about how closing banks will affect vulnerable people.

Judy Windsor said: "We aren’t all tech people especially older people and people with disabilities. I want to speak to a human thank you."