A number of main roads that run throughout Reading are set for improvement works to be undertaken over the summer.

Reading Borough Council has announced which roads will be the subject of improvements in the coming weeks.

There will be roadworks on 12 main roads which run through Tilehurst, West Reading and Caversham.

The works involve planing, also known as resurfacing, ironwork which applies to drains and other iron instalments on the roads, and lining, which involves painting markings on the roads.

Each of the locations selected for improvement will be visited twice.

The first visit will involve the removal of the old road surface (the planing) which will leave a rough surface, and raise any manhole covers and ironworks, followed by a second visit to put the new surface down, leaving a smoother, finished surface, and paint the lines back on.

The road improvements project is being undertaken by the council using £2 million of investment.

The work will take place over four weeks for the following roads at the following times:

The £2 million being invested in these roadworks are the first phase of a £8 million road improvement plan that will stretch over five years.

The announcement of the roads being worked on follows the completion of a £9 million road improvement project that has recently ended.

Karen Rowland (Labour, Abbey), lead councillor for environmental services and community safety said: “I’m delighted that we are able to announce this latest phase of road improvements, to continue the momentum and great results evidenced by our recently completed £9 million programme.

“We’re not content just with the big improvements to residential roads as we know that our residents need and deserve better main roads too. This programme will begin those improvements.”

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When the first phase of four weeks is complete, the second phase of improvements will be rolled out, taking place after Reading Festival and the end of August bank holiday on Monday, August 28.

In the second phase, 27 roads will undergo improvement works, with details of work timings to be confirmed closer to the time.

The council has declared its completed £9 million improvements project that took place over the last three years has been a success.

That project saw more than 500 residential roads improved, with surveyors stating that 80 per cent of the town’s residential roads are now classed as being in good condition, up from 35 per cent before that project.

Additionally, the council claims there has been a 44 per cent reduction in the number of pothole reports from the public, from 970 in 2019/20 down to 543 in 2022/23.