Club goers across Reading say goodbye to the nightclub that has been a staple within the town for over a decade.

Whatever the memories, a night at the Friar Street bar was often an experience not to be missed.

The closure was announced by the team at Q Club on social media who stated that it would be 'the end of an era'.

According to readers, a night out with friends at the popular bar could have had the possibility to turn into one that you hoped to forget or a night you would always remember.

Natalia Velo, visited the nightclub over 10 years and met her husband within the crowd. In this case, a normal night out in Reading changed her life.

Where most people leave with memories of a good night and drunken antics, Natalia left with what was soon to be a life partner.

The closing party last night (14/7) brought many Reading regulars into town to celebrate one last time in Q Club, whilst today (15/7) marks it’s ‘Funeral’ night.

Reader, Claudia Pulvirenti said: “This is a travesty’.

Another claimed was that it is the ‘end of an era.’

Despite many people reminiscing about their positive memories and experiences, others have said that the closure is ‘about time’.

Often known for it's younger crowd, Q Club was often one of the first nightclubs frequented by teens after their 18th birthday.

One reader commented on Facebook: “Thank God. They're going to maybe now make proper use of it for people that are mature enough to have a good time and can handle their drink.

“Every time I walked past it looked like a bloody baby creche.”

Another reader said: “Such good news! About time!”

The team will be holding it’s final social Saturday party from 9pm to 3am on July 15 for all those keen party goers and Reading regulars who wish to say goodbye.