Road safety measures in Reading that have been branded dangerous could be changed – but there is likely to be a long wait for them to be replaced.

Buildouts in an effort to reduce speeds were established in Redlands Road near its junction with Allcroft Road in July 2021.

These buildouts were installed by the council as part of a package of speed reduction projects.

Council data has shown a speed reduction from 27.3 mph in the road in 2018 to 25.95 mph after the buildouts were installed in 2021, a reduction of 1.35 mph.

But neighbours have complained that the buildouts are dangerous for cyclists, as only one of the buildouts near Allcroft Road has a passing point for cyclists.

Cllr David McElroy (Green, Redlands) said: “It’s not the nicest place to travel on.

“It’s enraging for motorists and terrifying for cyclists.”

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Following complaints from neighbours, the council’s highways team is devising plans to make changes after the issue was raised in November last year.

Complaints about the buildouts were expressed by members of the East Reading Community Page on Facebook at that time.

Although the council’s highways team is working on a suitable replacement for the buildouts, road users have a long time to wait for any change, as there is no funding for changes to be made.

The lack of funding for changes was revealed by James Penman, a council network services manager at a meeting of its traffic management sub-committee.

Mr Penman said: “There is still work to be done, there is still a bit of disagreement on what should change, there is still no identified funding.”

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Green councillors are pushing for the highways team to make changes, but no timescales have been provided by council officers.

During the meeting, cllr Rob White (Green, Park), the leader of the opposition, asked: “What funding streams would you envisage might be available for funding this as a priority, and what sort of timescale would you put on it, or would you just say ‘don’t know, and how long is a bit of string?”

Mr Penman replied: “Somewhere in between.

“There can be a number of sources, as for how long I don’t have that answer so I would not like to guess at this point but certainly that’s something that will be discussed and looked at internally.”

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Ultimately, Mr Penman stressed that the Redlands Road buildouts would be prioritised for removal and possible replacement with alternative speed reduction measures once resources become available.

The traffic management sub-committee unanimously agreed that priority should be given to changing the buildouts in Redlands Road at the meeting on June 14.