AN angry resident claims Council are “ignoring” flooding on residential junction.

Southcote resident, Tony Codling, said that rainfall causes consistent flooding on the Southcote Road and Westcote Road junction.

He claims that “the council ignore” the issue and “continue to blame the water company”.

Mr Codling said the roads in the area are “dirty with leaves, bottles, cans and packaging.”

A spokesperson from Reading Council said: “A recent investigation established the drainage along the majority Southcote Road is the responsibility of Thames Water, except at southern end (Carmelite Drive to Bath Road), which is the Council’s remit.

"As such, the drainage at the junction of Southcote Road and Westcote Road falls under Thames Water.”

The Council said it has advised the water company that a Thames Water CCTV survey is needed to check for damage, “we await details of the results”, the spokesperson added. 

The Council spokesperson continued: “Periods of intense rainfall will often cause issues in this area, which suggests capacity in Thames Water’s mains may be an ongoing problem.

“For the Council’s part, gullies along the whole of Southcote Road were recently cleaned, although parking along the road means that it can be a challenge for highways staff to clean all debris away.” 

Speaking about future plans, the Reading Council spokesperson revealed that Southcote Road is “scheduled to be resurfaced later this year” which will allow any existing surface defects to be dealt with then.