Plans to slow down traffic near a new Starbucks café in Reading are moving forward.

The town’s newest Starbucks was opened at the Reading Link Retail Park in May.

It sits in Rose Kiln Lane, which is a main south-north route between Whitley and Katesgrove and the town centre.

Now, a stretch of the nearby A33 could have its speed limit reduced from 40mph to 30mph.

The speed reduction would be implemented on the A33 between the Kia dealership and the Berkeley Avenue bridge.

The project has been devised to facilitate new bus stops along the route, which form part of the council’s bus service improvement plan.

The improvement plan was devised after the council won £26 million worth of government funding through the ‘Bus Back Better’ strategy.

Representatives on Reading Borough Council have agreed that a consultation should begin on reducing the limit at a meeting.

John Ennis (Labour, Southcote), lead councillor for_said: “I think it makes sense, I thoroughly recommend it.

“We’re receiving funding from the Tory government, it’s not council tax money.

“The Tory government have recognised the good work that’s going on and the potential for the future.

“A lot of these recommendations are not just for today, they are for tomorrow and going forward.”

Reading Chronicle: The plan to reduce the speed limit in Rose Kiln Lane, Reading from 40mph To 30mph. Credit: Reading Borough Council

Cllr Ennis went on to explain that improving bus use is part of the council’s upcoming transport strategy laying out priorities for highways in the town for the next 17 years.

He quipped: “I’ll be 77 and hopefully still walking.”

However, while cllr Adele Barnett-Ward (Labour, Thames) welcomed efforts to improve bus use, she cast doubt on whether drivers would comply with the limit.

“I am perhaps a cynic, I wonder how well a 30mph limit on a road that was previously 40mph sandwiched between two 40mph sections is going to work.”

She went onto question whether Thames Valley Police had been consulted on enforcement, and fears drivers could “bomb” though Rose Kiln Lane.

That question and concern was echoed by cllr Sarah Hacker (Independent, Battle), who commented that drivers treat the A33 “like a speed track at the moment.”

She suggested that a speed camera could be installed in the future to enforce the limit, giving the example of Portman Road, which went from 40mph to 30mph in 2019, which she argued has effectively reduced speeding on that road.

Also, the committee agreed that double yellow lines should be established at the new entrance to the Starbucks to prevent drivers parking at the entrance and creating queues of traffic in Rose Kiln Lane.

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The Starbucks is situated in a leftward curve of Rose Kiln Lane, whereas the speed restrictions would be imposed as the A33 trials rightward towards the town centre.

In both cases, consultations will begin on the changes.

If no objections are received, the council’s assistant director of legal and democratic services will be given the power to make a Traffic Regulation Order needed to implement the changes.

Both road changes were unanimously approved by the traffic management sub-committee on June 14.