I looked into the future and asked AI what the town centre will be like in 10 years and here is what it said.

Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) are taking over modern technology with softwares like ChatGPT becoming more popular.

ChatGPT has taken the internet by storm recently with the text-based AI answering any question you ask and people have even used it to write letters, messages and essays.

So, we thought we'd try ChatGPT and see what it could come up with when asked what the future in Reading could look like.

The first request was to ask ChatGPT what Reading is going to look like in 2033:

Technological Advancements

"By 2033, Reading could see significant advancements in technology integrated into various aspects of daily life. This might include further development of smart city infrastructure, improved connectivity, and the widespread use of Internet of Things (IoT) devices for enhanced services and convenience."

Sustainable and Eco-friendly Practices

"With increasing concerns about the environment, Reading may prioritize sustainability even more in 2033. This could involve greater adoption of renewable energy sources, stricter regulations on emissions, and the promotion of eco-friendly practices in construction, transportation, and waste management."

Urban Renewal and Regeneration

"Over time, cities often undergo urban renewal projects, and Reading may experience ongoing rejuvenation by 2033. This could include the redevelopment of older areas, revitalization of public spaces, and the transformation of underutilised or abandoned spaces into vibrant community hubs."

Transportation and Mobility

"Reading might witness advancements in transportation and mobility systems by 2033. This could involve the implementation of autonomous vehicles, improvements in public transportation networks, and the integration of sustainable transportation options such as electric vehicles and cycling infrastructure."

Economic Growth and Diversification

"Reading's economy may continue to thrive and diversify in the coming years. The city could attract new businesses, particularly in emerging sectors such as clean energy, biotechnology, and artificial intelligence. This growth could result in an expanded job market and increased investment opportunities."

Cultural and Social Development

"Reading has a rich cultural heritage, and by 2033, it could continue to foster its arts and cultural scene. The city may witness the growth of cultural institutions, music venues, and art galleries. Additionally, Reading's diverse population may contribute to a vibrant multicultural environment with a wide range of culinary offerings and cultural events."

The second request was to ask ChatGPT how Reading is going to change in the future.

It said that Reading's population may continue to grow "as it attracts more residents due to its economic opportunities, cultural offerings, and proximity to London".

The AI software said the population growth "could lead to increased urbanisation and the need for further infrastructure development."

While I am aware AI can't know the future, it was fun to see what it could come up with. What do you think Reading will look like in 2033?