AN EARLEY primary school held its first Eid Fair to celebrate the school community.

Ahead of Eid on Wednesday, June 28, Radstock Primary School hosted a Eid fair to celebrate traditions with henna, a Dholl player (traditional drums), and a fair games.

Talking about the event, Heather Neale, from Friends of Radstock said the event was "really well attended" as everyone enjoyed the sunshine.

Pupils and staff were able to celebrate Eid with homemade food, a sale of traditional Pakistani jewelry and clothes, as well as summer fair games such as hook a duck, soak the teacher and a coconut shy.

"We were also lucky enough to be visited by a fire engine which the children enjoyed exploring", the Heather added.

The school has been making the most of celebrating the "whole school community" as Friends of Radstock have also held a Diwali event and Lunar New Year event.

According to the school, the feedback from school families has been "so positive with many commenting that they felt acknowledged and celebrated."

The children also enjoyed being able to share their special celebrations with their friends, all whilst raising much needed funds for the school.

The cultural events have been raising much needed funds for playground resources and sports equipment.