A disabled man from Reading is in distress over not having any temporary accommodation to allow essential adjustments to be made to his flat in issues he says have run for over a decade.

Dave Jurgensen, 44, has lived in a ground floor flat at the Luscinia View apartments since 2007.

He has had cerebral palsy since birth, which causes a difficulty in speaking and brain functions which can make cause problems with body functions such as grip.

Mr Jurgensen also has asthma and dyslexia which add to the mental and movement capability difficulties he has.

Although he is not wheelchair bound, he uses a walking stick to help with mobility.

Because of these disabilities, he requires home adjustments such as a bed hoist a bidet toilet and a button press shower indoors, and a ramp and accessible door on the outside.

He claims issues with suggested modification stretch back to 2011, when an Occupational Therapist visited him to discuss reasonable adjustments to his flat.

Mr Jurgensen has blasted Reading Borough Council and Southern Housing for not arranging temporary accommodation so that work can take place on the adjustments to meet his needs.

He has made multiple complaints to the Local Government Ombudsman (LGO).

Mr Jurgensen was given £3000 of funding from the Government’s Disabled Facilities Grant for works to be carried out on his flat.

The most recent LGO investigation concluded in December last year.

The case states that the council and Southern Housing had began discussions over how the flat could be adjusted back in January 2021.

After discussions and procedures, the council considered moving him in February 2022, but ultimately Mr Jurgensen wished to remain in Luscinia View.

The LGO concluded that a delay to an occupational therapist report being received has stalled progress towards making the adjustments.

While it was agreed that Mr Jurgensen would need to vacate his flat for five to six weeks for the work to take place, a complete lack of suitable temporary accommodation in the council and Southern Housing’s stock has effectively left him in limbo.

The works have still not been carried out, with delays leading him to contact the Local Democracy Reporting Service to highlight ‘failings’.

Mr Jurgensen said: “Over a decade I have been suffering this nonsense.

“It’s ridiculous.”

Through LGO documents Mr Jurgensen has provided, it has been established there is confusion over whether the council or Southern Housing should fund adjustments to the flat, as the work required costs more than the housing adaptation grant he has been given.

The LDRS has called on the council and Southern Housing to work together to find suitable temporary accommodation to allow the adjustments to be made.

A spokesperson for the council said:  “Southern Housing as the landlord are responsible for finding temporary accommodation for Mr Jurgensen whilst adaptations are made to his home, and have agreed to do so.

“The adaptations required are a ramp, shower room and kitchen.

“Reading Borough Council has secured a contractor to complete this work, but as the quote for this exceeds the maximum available for a Disabled Facilities Grant we are awaiting a response to a request to Southern Housing to contribute to this.

“Once these issues have been addressed we will aim to complete the adaptations as soon as possible and continue to liaise with Mr Jurgensen and Southern Housing.”

A spokesperson for Southern Housing said: “Our team remain in close contact with Reading Borough Council and Mr Jurgensen about the work required to the property.

“We will find Mr Jurgensen suitable, temporary, accommodation when a date has been agreed by Reading Borough Council to start the work.”