Here are the results for Reading Borough Council’s all-out elections announced on Friday, May 5. 

Only one seat has changed hands, with the Labour party beating the Conservative party into second place in Caversham Heights.

It means councillor Paul Carnell, the incumbent Conservative will leave the council, to be replaced with Labour newcomer Sam Juthani.

The composition of the council is now:

Labour: 32

Green: 7

Conservatives: 5

Liberal Democrats: 3

Independent: 1

The one Independent councillor is Sarah Hacker, who was elected as a Labour representative but was removed from the Labour party earlier this year.

You can see the results in full below:

 Abbey ward results

Mohammed Ayub (LAB): 819 -ELECTED

Simon Bazley (CON): 308

Howard Darby (Green): 264

Steven Gore (Lib Dem): 163

Battle ward results

John Grout (Lib Dem): 170

Callum Louis Harling (Green): 256

John Murray Tattersall (CON): 302

Amjad Iqbal Tahir Tarar (LAB): 1,374 – ELECTED

Caversham ward results

Simon Burden (Lib Dem): 311

Jan Gavin (LAB): 1,563 -ELECTED

Mark Palmer (Green): 473

Saadia Zafar Saadat (CON): 569

Caversham Heights ward results

Paul Carnell (CON): 1,324

Vania Costa-Krol (Lib Dem): 270

Sam Juthani (LAB): 1,454 – ELECTED

Danny McNamara (Green): 500

Church ward results

Mark Clifford Cole (Lib Dem): 152

James Mwaniki Mugo (CON): 448

Brent Smith (Green): 198

Paul Richard Woodward (LAB): 1,268 -ELECTED

Coley ward results

Paul Stephen Gittings (LAB): 1,297 -ELECTED

Isobel Claire Hoskins (Green): 267

Lizzy Sheppard (CON): 267

Benjamin Sims (Lib Dem): 213

Emmer Green ward results

Matt Buckley (LAB): 1,133

Pieter De Boiserie (Lib Dem): 336

Stephen James Goss (CON): 1,233 – ELECTED

Wendy Jane Rook (Green): 378

Katesgrove ward results

Ian Binge (CON): 213

Lily Jane Challice (TUSC): 58

Marg Cobb (LAB): 832

Doug Creswell (Green Party): 1,048 -ELECTED

Margaret McNeill (Lib Dem): 80

Jean Louis-Pascual: 16

Kentwood ward results

Jonathan Peter Barker (Lib Dem): 187

Caroline Hearst (Green): 209

Mamuna Naz (LAB): 1,016

Raj Singh (CON): 1,171 – ELECTED

Norcot ward results

Jen Bottom (TUSC): 39

Colette Lolita Dennis (LAB): 1,202 – ELECTED

Stephen Anthony Graham (Liberal Party): 57

Alan John Gulliver (IND): 71

Suzanne Rowe (CON): 371

Richard Peter Walkem (Green): 206

Christopher Ward (Lib Dem): 127

Park ward results

Allison Carnell (CON): 160

Chris Dodson (Lib Dem): 86

Ram Bahadur Galami (LAB): 1,087

Sarah Magon (Green): 1,408 – ELECTED

Adam Iestyn Phelps (CON): 164

Josh Williams (Green): 1,536 – ELECTED

Oliver Williamson (LAB): 1,070

Henry Wright (Lib Dem): 57

Redlands ward results

Will Cross (LAB): 1,194 - ELECTED

Jayne Melanie Samantha Dent (TUSC): 36

Francis David Jakeman (Lib Dem): 114

Kate Nikulina (Green): 1,034

Abdoulaye Diouma Sow (CON): 193

Southcote ward results

Neil Robert Adams (TUSC): 31

Ben Michael Brereton Blackmore (CON): 547

John Ennis (LAB): 1,454

Riccardo Mancuso-Marcello (Lib Dem): 136

Jamie Whitham (Green Party): 223

Thames ward results

Ama Asare (LAB): 997

Mike Harling (Green): 295

Shivraj Hawaldar (CON): 395

Joanna Elizabeth Ramsay (Lib Dem): 248

Tilehurst ward results

Gabriel Berry-Kan (Green): 195

Casey George Christopher Byrne (CON): 479

Len Middleton (LAB): 481

Anne Thompson (Lib Dem): 1,158 – ELECTED

Whitley ward results

Sarah Lucy Dobson (Lib Dem): 176

Vani Goel (CON): 383

Alice Mpofu-Coles (LAB): 1,111 – ELECTED

Kathy Smith (Green): 141