Reading is classed as having some of the worst roads in the UK according to a recent survey.

"All of them" was the overwhelming response from Reading Chronicle readers after being asked what the worst road in Reading is.

Anna B Kiely commented: "All of them for various reasons. If it's not roadworks everywhere it's potholes and cracks that cause your spine to shoot up through your skull."

The majority of readers agreed that potholes were the biggest issue with Reading roads.

Stuart Marcham commented: "Uuuumm....nearly all of them some of the potholes are as big as the grand canyon."

Stephen Gilly Saunders added that "Friar Street in town is like a Mexican wave".

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Katie Emma commented: "Any road going into Reading. Best roads are the ones leaving it", with many readers agreeing, including Martin Twibill, who said: "Any leading into the place."

More specifically, Norcot Road, Bath Road and Oxford Road received many votes for the worst.

Moving away from potholes onto speed, Tash Taylor commented: "Woodnote Road. Lethal. It’s like shooting down the motorway. Not safe to cross at all."

With potholes one of the main causes of vehicle damage on the road, the Chancellor of the Exchequer has announced a £200 million investment to fix roads across the country in 2023.

According to research conducted by compare the market, 40% of Reading roads are in need of improvement.

A spokesperson from Reading Borough Council however said that within this study, a mere 9% of Reading’s road networks have been analysed.

Readers shared opinions about what council tax is being used for, Alex Cooke said: "Remember these comments when its council election time in May."