A Tik Tok video reviewing Reading has gone viral after social media vlogger Rob Colf asked shoppers what they thought about the town.

Tik Toker Rob, who is a social media influencer, travels around different towns and cities in the South East seeking the opinion of people who call that particular place home.

The video, filmed on Broad Street, garnered 230.7K views, 21.2K likes, and varying comments from people who either agreed or disagreed with the views given.

One passer-by who was asked what he thought of the town said: “Reading is extremely average. It’s not Slough which is bad and it’s not London which is good.”


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Some commenters, however, disagreed with this saying that despite the negative reputation that it sometimes gets, they enjoy calling the town their home.

Commenter, Anna said: “Reading gets such a bad rep but it’s not as bad as other places. I like living on the outskirts, but I’d never live in the town centre."

Another question that gained a strong response from members of the public in the town centre was ‘what’s the worst thing about Reading?’

A man who was stopped by Rob said: “The people, the cleanliness, they’re all sort of boring. Also, everyone seems to be really moody as well.”

Despite some of the les favourable opinions garnered, we would argue Reading is bursting with interesting and fantastic qualities that make many residents proud of our town.

The area is hugely diverse with many culturally diverse communities, as well as a huge diversity of offerings for shops, independents, local attractions and event spaces.

The town centre continues to grow with more and more leisure spaces opening up to make the centre a destination for residents and visitors.

Plus the University of Reading and the business base that Reading boasts being just a stone's throw from London, offers up a huge opportunity for jobs and investment across many different industries.

There is so much that can be drawn from one of Berkshire's most populated town - even if we are not quite a city!...

What is your favourite and least favourite thing about Reading? Let us know by contacting nicole.mcbride@newsquest.co.uk