Reading Borough Council have taken court action against a group of travelers who have set up an unauthorized encampment within Prospect Park.

Several caravans were spotted at Prospect Park on February 22 and reported to both the police and landowners.

Several vehicles remain on the site almost one week on.

A spokesperson from Reading Borough Council said: “Reading Borough Council is aware of the unauthorised encampment at Prospect Park.

“We have applied to the court for an order to remove those present on site, and a hearing date has been set for which a court summons will be issued to them tomorrow.”

A Thames Valley Police spokesperson said: “We were made aware of an unauthorised encampment at Prospect Park on February 22.

“Officers have engaged with the travellers and Reading Borough Council, who are the landowners, but there has been no need for police to intervene.

“A Section 77 notice was issued by the council on Monday (27/2) and the number of vehicles had significantly reduced and no damage has been reported.”

Ian Jameson, a Reading local who frequents Prospect Park with his walking group, said: “Their continued presence in the park is very worrying.

“A lot of families who go the play park with their kids have been hesitant about returning because of the travellers presence. It has been scaring people away who like to use the area.

“I contacted Alok Sharma who got back to me saying that he was taking an active role in the issue and that the Chief Inspector would be visiting the travellers.

“Normally it only takes two or three days to move them on so a lot of people are quite concerned.”

Residents have also said that they are worried about the condition of the new playground and the park grounds and potential damage that might occur.

However, police have ensured that no damage or anti-social behaviour has taken place during the last week within the encampment or surrounding area.

The Chronicle contacted Alok Sharma for comment.