Reading has been named a ‘victim of its economic success’ following a recent survey where it was named one of the worst towns to live in England.

The survey, which was conducted by ‘I live Here,’ ranked the Berkshire town as number 12 (and number 21) in the same list.

This caused the town to move up the list 27 places since its last survey in 2021.

Although, there are many positives to what is often known as ‘the largest town in Britain’, our readers have agreed that living in what is thought to be the ‘de facto capital of Thames Valley’ is very different than judging from the outside.

Dee Novack person said: “According to the Times, Reading is in the top 10 best places to live.”

But another said: “Bit like the Guardian, none of their staff have ever lived there of course."

The town has seen a huge revamp in the last few years, with more and more businesses setting up base in the town centre and surrounding area.

A great commute time and recent travel improvements has made Berkshire a hybrid worker's dream - offering time away from the city to escape the rat race.

This, however, has become a drawback for many local residents who have always called Reading home.

One reader commented on our website: “Yes, one of the most overcrowded towns in the south. Full of flats and extortionate rents in sub-standard accommodation.

“Complete lack of parking facilities, no housing for people in dire need, a huge spike in homelessness, out of control crime, full of overpriced take outs and coffee shops, the list is almost endless.

“Welcome to Reading, the future slums of the southeast! (yes I live here too.)”

Due to the amount of traffic travelling into Reading as more businesses set up base, a suggestion has been to improve transport and infrastructure within the town.

John Devane explained: “The metropolis of Reading, the de facto capital of the Thames Valley, is a victim of its economic success. Only two bridges strangle traffic. Build the Third bridge.”

Chica B, who has lived in Reading for a decade said: “It's very sad to see that in many ways the only significant aspect to have developed since I came here over ten years ago for work opportunities, is the spread of the concrete jungle that Reading has now become. All bricks and far less character.

Despite the negative comments surrounding the state of Reading, it also has many aspects that are attracting people to both visit and settle down.

For a first-time buyer, the house values are much lower than in London, with families getting a lot more for their money.

Picturesque villages and hamlets surrounding the town centre mean that a countryside escape can be found while also being a stone's throw from high street shops and restaurants.