More big cat sightings in Reading have come to light after readers have shared their stories of sightings of the Beast of Berkshire.

One experience dates back to 2005 when Jodie Davy was walking with friends in the woods near the M4.

Jodie said: "We ended up close to the M4 and we could see the cars speeding past. 

"I noticed a bloody smudge on the dirt track.

"As we walked there was another one and this time we could see a paw print.

"We kept walking following these bloody paw prints until we came to a big carcass of a deer half eaten.

"Its antlers and head were intact but its neck had been bitten badly. The body had been half eaten.

"I said it was a lion at the time.

"We all got scared and headed back."

In a 2020 survey by the Born Free Foundation, it was revealed that 3,951 dangerous wild animals are licensed to be owned by private owners in Great Britain.

Many are now theorising whether a big cat may have escaped captivity and are living in the wild near Berkshire.

In July 2022 near Junction 13 of the M4 near Newbury, Tom Woods was startled when a "large cat-looking creature" which resembled a Lynx with sandy colouring ran across the road in front of him as he drove at speed.

"Its run wasn't like anything I had seen of native UK animals and it looked particularly feline," Tom said.

"It ran under the steel divider between the lanes at full sprint in front of an oncoming car.

"As I drove past the point it had crossed I looked across into the hedge line and saw it walking once again in an unfamiliar style which looked feline in nature." 

The sighting took place on the evening of July 28, 2022 at around 8:45pm.

More recently a "huge cat" has been spotted along the M4 near Reading with "cougar-like colours."

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Dave was driving eastbound on the M4 on February 4 when he reported seeing a large-sized cat roaming on the field.

"This caught my attention as I have never seen a feline that size before," he said.

"The creature seemed like the size of a large fox but with a feline aspect, it was light brown and I noticed a few spots."

Another individual caught a picture of a mysterious cat on the top of a hill west of Reading in Hungerford on February 1.

Dee Morris said: "I saw something huge on the hill move like a cat. I tried to video it but was scared, it didn't focus.

"The picture is a still I took while videoing zoomed in. 

"I thought it looked like it had a collar on, others think it might be a catch hanging out of its mouth."

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