A POPULAR Reading road is set to see a massive transformation, removing a lane which some road users feel is unnecessary.

Two cycle lanes on either side of Bath Road/Castle Lane have been proposed to replace this in an effort to improve cycling, walking and public transport on the Bath Road between Berkeley Avenue and Castle Hill.

These changes will be part of the £1 million grant secured through the Government’s Active Travel Fund.

Sixty per cent of people supported the plan to change the formation of the ‘tidal flow’ lane during a consultation over the changes. 

Reading Borough Council has outlined the changes in their proposals online.

The proposal says: "The scheme for promoting Active Travel on this route removes the centre tidal-lane and redistributes the space to provide two cycle tracks at the edge of the highway.

“This will allow cyclists to cycle up or down the hill in a space that is segregated from traffic.

"This scheme will deliver a mostly segregated cycle facility in each direction, including a segregated facility across the IDR junction, achieved by reallocating some highway capacity currently dedicated for general traffic.

“There will also be improvements to junctions and crossing facilities along the route for pedestrians. 

"A continued consultation about this removal will take place later this month to ensure the certainty of these plans."