This Morning was left in an awkward situation after presenter Holly Willoughby walked off-set after nearly saying the f-word'.

She was scared by co-presenter Phillip Schofield, who couldn't resist making a jab about the Queue-gate scandal.

The pair were discussing the new horror flick Knock at the Cabin, starring Harry Potter legend Rupert Grint when Phil warned people of a "nervous disposition" to make themselves scarce.

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He began by saying: "What would you do if you had to make a decision that would affect life as we know it across the entire world?"

Holly then said: "Well that's the premise of the new horror film Knock at the Cabin, which asks one family to make an impossible choice."

"Before we find out more from its stars, Rupert Grint and Ben Aldridge, here's a little bit of what to– Rar!" Phillip cut himself off before making a loud noise to spook Holly, who exclaimed: "Fu-!" and turned away from the camera with one hand over her mouth.

"I haven't done that for a while! Perfect," Phil giggled, before continuing: "Those of a nervous disposition..."

Taking her cue, Holly fumed: "I'll go away, bye! You're on your own!" and stormed right away from the cameras.

Fans were sure Holly was about to swear and took to social media in droves to air their opinions, with one writing: "Hahaha I swear Holly was about to say f*** then."

Another laughed: "I heard her say it!" While a third fan echoed: "Did Holly just say the F word??" "I swear Holly dropped the F word," someone else posted.

Holly came back after the incident, but things didn't get better from there, as Phillip said Holly would be "right at the front of the queue" to see the new film and find out what the family decides.

After the Queue-gate scandal which saw Holly and Phil see the Queen's coffin lying in state from a press area rather than waiting in line like other celebrities, it was a bold move.