Have you ever felt like an impromptu pamper in the middle of a shopping day? Do you find it hard to book beauty appointments around your schedule?

Most women (and men), whether they are single or in a relationship have dealt with the stress of not having enough time for some self-care.

Which is why Primark’s new Rawr Beauty on-the-go studio is a dream come true!


Our Reading reporter, Nicole, visited Primark’s new studio on the launch day to try out a few of the treatments…and let you know the raw(r) truth about some of their most popular treatments.

In the end I settled on a brow shape and tint, and a lash lift.

If you’re used to getting your beauty treatments done in the privacy of a beauty salon it may seem daunting when visiting Rawr for the first time.

However, with it’s strategic position at the far end of the ground floor, the up-beat music and strategically placed nail and brow bar it feels like a zen space away from all the everyday shoppers.

As you make your way through the space, the modern and fun studio interior space draws you in. The studio design is fun and playful with friendly and enthusiastic therapists to guide you from treatment to treatment.

Although I normally get HD brows which combines a mixture of threading, waxing and tinting, Rawr’s alternative is a threading and tint combination.

At first, this would have not been my first choice however, ever the experimenter (which may or may not be wise) I stepped outside my comfort zone.

Although the tint initially seemed a little bold, the threading was done to perfection and by the next day, the complements were flowing from my friends and colleagues.

All in all, I would say nine out of ten for the brow experience.

The next treatment, the lash lift, was something that I normally wouldn’t think about getting mainly because of my super sensitive eyes and impatience (one hour treatment).

However, with my curiosity bubbling, I had to give it a go.

Although the entire process of a lash lift is definitely not as calming as a manicure or facial, the results are incredible! I have quite short lashes but what Geeba (my therapist) did has caused them to double in length and volume. It just opened my eyes (literally)!  

Be warned, if you normally have sensitive or reactive skin it may be a good idea to make an appointment for a patch test a few days before.

Most of the time the talented beautitians will be able to accomodate you immediately however if you do have a little time before your appointment, Primark has three floors of shopping and a café to keep you busy!