POLICE were given special powers to move on an unauthorised encampment twice following complaints about anti-social behaviour.

Police were spotted at the camp at a builder's yard in Woodley where they used emergency powers, known as a section 60 order, to move on the illegal encampment.

The group moved to another location in Reading - where they were again told they must leave.

Matthew Barber, the police and crime commissioner posted on social media during the incident.

He said: “Following delays in the court process for the landowners to evict and significant issues of anti-social behaviour Thames Valley Police used their powers to move an illegal encampment in Woodley.

“The group then moved to Reading and this morning I joined officers as they enforced the Section 60 notice to leave the site.”

Thames Valley Police were contacted for a comment regarding the issue.

A spokesman from TVP said: “We are aware of an unauthorised encampment which was on a disused site on Woodley Green, Woodley.

“A section 60C of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 was complied with and the unauthorised encampment moved to a further location in Reading.

"A further notice to leave was served and the occupants of the site again complied with the notice.

“No arrests or vehicles were seized as a result of police activity.”