A grandmother from Calcot has been ‘banging her head against the wall’ after her broadband company U-turned on a contract for her internet, calls and TV.

Catherine Higgs, 68 from Calcot, has been trying to secure an internet, phone and entertainment package with Virgin Media for £50 per month.

Although she was able to secure a package, she claims the arrangement has not been ‘honoured’ and negotiations with Virgin Media have been ‘rumbling on for eight weeks’.

In that time, she says she’s been offered four different monthly prices.

Ms Higgs has accused Virgin Media of breaching contract and called for it to honour the offer she was originally given.

She said: “I was offered £50, but when my first bill came in it came to £71.75.

“I got on the phone to arrange a discount to £63. They said the original contract was not confirmed.

“They’ve not honoured it. It makes me feel ill.

“They keep offering discounts that never happen.

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“I spoke to them on a Sunday and they agreed to get it down to £57. They’re just not willing to accept responsibility.

“I’m pulling my hair out, they’re forcing me down an alleyway. I feel like I’m banging my head on the wall.”

The frustration led her to speak about her case to the Local Democracy Reporting Service (LDRS). The disgruntled customer has also considered reporting Virgin Media to CISAS (Communications & Internet Services Adjudication Scheme).

The struggle negotiating with the company she says has caused her distress on top of ongoing health difficulties.

“I’m a vulnerable person. Sepsis has affected my hearing and eyesight, I’m a tiny little soul. Basically I can’t get out very much, I rely on my partner.

“And I’ve recently broken my foot, so things are not going well here. I’m 68, I could do without this.

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“I’m a long-term customer and they’re taking advantage of my loyalty. It’s £600 a year even at £50, I should have some loyalty concessions. They want to charge the world for it.”

Ms Higgs added: “They don’t care because I’m a drop in the ocean. If I reneged on a contract I’d have to pay a penalty.”

Virgin Media has admitted the agreed deal was not entered correctly into its system.

It has now agreed to honour the original contract – and, as a gesture of good will – offered her a new deal for £34 per month.

A Virgin Media spokesperson said: “We apologise to Ms Higgs for the confusion in applying the agreed deal to her account.

“As a gesture of goodwill, we have now offered Ms Higgs an improved contract which she is extremely happy with.”

Ms Higgs said the change has been “nothing short of miraculous” and that she is “eternally grateful” to the LDRS for assisting her.