Drivers will be fined for stopping in yellow box junctions and for other traffic offences in Reading despite objections from the AA.

Recently, Reading Borough Council won the power to fine drivers for moving traffic offences, such as stopping in yellow box junctions, going the wrong way down one-way streets, and making banned turns.

The details of how these measures will be enforced have been laid out by the council.

The first offence that will be enforced is drivers stopping in yellow box junctions, which is not allowed according to road rules.

Now the council has been given the power to enforce moving traffic offences by the government, it can fine people for breaking these rules.

So drivers are being warned for the fining at yellow box junctions, anyone who breaks the rule will get one warning in a six month introductory period.

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If they’ve already received one warning, they will then be fined.

Fining those stopping at yellow box junctions will initially occur at 15 locations:

  1. IDR /Mill Lane/ London Street
  2. Oxford Road/Bedford Road
  3. Oxford Road/Grovelands Road
  4. Church Road/Church Street, Caversham
  5. The Oracle gyratory (x3)
  6. London Road/Eldon Road
  7. Queens Road (IDR)/Sidmouth Street
  8. Kings Road/Orts Road/Eldon Road.
  9. Cemetery Junction
  10. London Rd/Cholmeley Road
  11. London Rd/Kendrick Road
  12. A33 at Matalan
  13. Bath Road/Berkeley Avenue
  14. BathRoad/Burghfield Road
  15. IDR A33 junction towards The Oracle (Southampton Street) slip road

Enforcement at the junctions will be introduced in a staggered fashion, so not all of these yellow boxes will be enforced at the same time.

A report by parking services manager Helen Taverner states enforcement at the first sites will go live before the end of the year, with all sites being active by April 1, 2023.

However driving association The AA objected to yellow box enforcement, expressing fears drivers could be fined unnecessarily.

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The grant of the powers was discussed at the council’s strategic environment, planning and transport committee on Wednesday, November 16, where it received unanimous support.

Councillor Paul Carnell (Conservative, Caversham Heights) said: “We in the party of law and order fully support this.”

His comment drew audible laughs from Labour members.

Reading Chronicle: he yellow box junction of London Road and Eldon Road in Reading.he yellow box junction of London Road and Eldon Road in Reading. (Image: James Aldridge, Local Democracy Reporting Service)

Councillors looked forward to drivers being fined for breaking one way rules as well.

Cllr James Moore (Liberal Democrats, Tilehurst) said: “As someone who lives in a one way street I look forward to further roll out in the future.”

Similarly, cllr Andrew Hornsby-Smith (Labour, Church) said drivers regularly ignore the ‘no entry’ sign at the junction of Eastern Avenue and Wokingham Road.

He commented that he once saw 11 drivers flout the ‘no entry’ at Eastern Avenue in two hours.

Introducing moving traffic offence enforcement will be paid for using £450,000 in capital received as part of the Bus Service Improvement programme.

It is understood the other offences, such as going the wrong way down a street and making banned turns, will be enforced at a later stage.