For this week’s Reading Nostalgia, we have decided to do something different.

We have delved deep into our archives to showcase photos of in and around the town from decades gone by.

From old vehicles, and summer snaps of the River Thames to farmers having a chat, here are 10 separate images from yesterday focusing on the area.

Image One: View of a group of four men, one seated on a shooting stick, discussing farming at an event organised by Farmers Weekly and held at Bucklebury in July 1951.

Image Two: Similar to image one, the group of people is in deep conversation regarding an event organised by Farmers Weekly.

Image Three: The same people continued to have their chat in Bucklebury.

Image Four: A group of people watching a bullock being shown at an event organised by Farmers Weekly.

Image Five: A view of the archway forming the entrance to the Norman Priory at Hurley. The date for this image is currently not known.

Image Six: Taken during the 1940s on Hurley High Street, areas of the village were impacted by severe flooding after heavy snowfall had melted. A lorry carrying hay makes its way through the flooded road.

Image Seven: A view of an empty fully enclosed Thames Valley bus with the route of Reading, Shenfield, Arborfield, and Eversley. The bus is from the 1920s.

Image Eight: A romantic image, here is a pic of a man punting a boat along the River Thames with his girlfriend near the Hurley Bridge. It is believed that the photo was taken in around the late 1940s to early 1950s. An exact date has not been confirmed.

Image Nine: Sticking with Hurley, here is a pic of the southern bank of the island in the River Thames. It shows the boats being moored, with people enjoying a nice stroll. This image is believed to have been taken in the 1950s.

Image 10: Looking north west from about halfway up the hill, here is a view of the countryside with the road to Maidenhead in the foreground. The location of this snap is Bisham with the snap being taken in the 1960s.

All of the photos are from