Neighbours in Caversham have raised the alarm over standing water and flooding on the roads, taking dramatic footage of cars wading through the water.

The South East experienced heavy rainfall both in the evening and during the night, which presented difficulties for commuters this morning (Thursday, November 3).

Footage captured by Nick Ellis in Buckingham Drive appears to show northbound lane completely covered in floodwater.

Meanwhile, footage from Hillary Jane Smart showed Caversham Park Road flooded in both directions near its junction with Dunbarton Way.

Both of them queried whether responsibility for the drainage falls with Reading Borough Council.

Hillary Jane Smart commented that flooded road is “incredibly dangerous” for cyclists, and Mr Ellis pointed out that the flooding occurred at the top of the hill in Buckingham Drive.

Confronted with the footage, a spokesperson for the council said: “It is often the case after heavy rain that there is a delay in the time taken for water to drain away once the capacity of the gullies is reached.

“We will be assessing if there are any additional issues at the sites in question, and will take remedial action if necessary.

“The Council carries out scheduled cleaning of all our 18,000 highway road gullies.”