A statue relieving itself into the River Thames is the latest peculiar artwork to appear in Sonning.

The town has a long history of interesting installations, including a rocket crashed into the roundabout, a marooned post box and a London Underground tube station.

The origin of the incontinent infant is unknown, but it is a replica of a similar statue in Brussels, Belgium.

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‘Manneken Pis’ is one of the first attractions which greets you in the city: A bronze fountain showing a nude child peeing.

Reading Chronicle: 'Leaked' photo catches statue in the act'Leaked' photo catches statue in the act (Image: Tom Fenton)

Myths surrounding the installation include a story of how the city’s residents helped find a lost boy and his father presented them with the artwork in return, according to tourist board brussels.info.

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It is unclear whether the Sonning statue represents a local dad’s grateful gift, but it has proved an amusing addition to the riverside for walkers and boat-owners.

Reading Chronicle: Captions can be urined by a spelling errorCaptions can be urined by a spelling error (Image: Tom Fenton)

Passers-by can push a pump at the edge of the landing stage which generates the flow of water.

So if you fancy seeing a Belgian landmark without travelling 267 miles, urine luck.