An illegal encampment has been established on the playing fields at Whiteknights campus of Reading University.

The University have said that they have made the decision to close the SportsPark, Park and Park Eat to the public until further notice.

So far, they have been ‘in communications with the occupants and are co-ordinating with the relevant authorities.’

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They announced in a social media post on Sunday, August 28:”A number of vehicles are currently parked on the playing field off Shinfield Road.

“Additional updates will be shared on social media over the bank holiday weekend.”

A spokesperson from Reading University said: "We're aware there are a number of vehicles parked on playing fields at Whiteknights.

"We are speaking with the occupants and relevant authorities.

"We are taking actions to support the safety of all students, staff and visitors to our campus, including temporarily closing some nearby campus buildings and facilities."