Glasgow's son Lewis Capaldi has teased fans with a cryptic social media message hinting at a release date for new music.

The Scottish singer/songwriter, on Friday evening (August 26), posted an image featuring the date of September 2 and the times 10pm BST (British Standard Time), 2pm PT (Pacific Time) and 5pm ET (Eastern Time).

It is widely thought that is when details of the 25-year-old's next album will be revealed.

Reading Chronicle: The image posted to Lewis Capaldi's social channels. Picture: Lewis CapaldiThe image posted to Lewis Capaldi's social channels. Picture: Lewis Capaldi

The image was posted on the star's Instagram, Twitter and Facebook profiles and it is understood an email was sent to thousands on his mailing list with the subject line, 'It's been a while... Something's coming...'.

Is Lewis Capaldi new album announcement imminent?

Since the announcement there has been much excitement and speculation from the Capaldi fanbase, including someone calling themselves ‘emm’ saying: “IT'S HAPPENING EVERYBODY STAY CALM LEWIS CAPALDI SEPTEMBER 2ND SHAKING SOBBING THROWING UP.”

Someone called vanessa is also clearly a big fan, saying: “idk what lewis capaldi is announcing but ill give a kidney to see him live so there’s that whenever he’s ready.”

Someone else known as brightmindedxx said: “since miley cyrus doesn't want to comeback, at least lewis capaldi did, oomg what is this.”

Where is Lewis Capaldi now?

Capaldi shot to fame in 2019 off the back of the Someone You Loved single, which topped the UK charts for seven weeks and charted in 29 countries.

He has gone on to win Brit Awards and saw his debut album, Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent, become the biggest selling long-player of 2019 and 2020 in the UK.

Since then, he has been in writing and recording sessions announcing at the end of December 2020 he would be taking a break from social media to focus on work for the album.