A jealous ex-boyfriend smeared his own poo on his partner’s front door before pretending he knew nothing about the ‘abhorrent’ deed.

Jilted Jermaine Hunter was spared jail after weeks of the harassment of his partner ‘culminated in the most disgusting act.’

The personal trainer, of Liverpool Road, London, was dumped in September 2021 by his Reading-based girlfriend.

This caused the 40-year-old to send her a string of text messages over several days, whic included threats. 

Messages read: ‘You’re going to get what’s coming to you’, ‘you’ve messed with the wrong person’ and ‘my Dad was a gangster, he was murdered.’

On October 2, 2021, the woman accidentally called Hunter but they did not speak. 

This prompted the London man to call her back 14 times before he forced his way into her building of residence on Charles Street. 

As she returned to the address from a party in the early hours of October 3, she noticed faeces had been smeared on the door’s handle and door knocker. 

Later that morning, Hunter spoke to neighbours about the mess on his partner’s door and said ‘who would do something like this?’, ‘the person who did this should be punished’ and he urged them to check CCTV.

Hunter later banged on his partner’s door and pleaded with her to let him in as he ‘needed help’, but she kept ‘completely silent’ as she was scared, prosecutor Sarita Basra said. 

The woman’s landlord had to clean the faeces off the door with gloves at a time in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. The cleaning operation cost him £300. 

Ms Basra said the woman had been left with anxiety, PTSD and suffered panic attacks since the incident. 

“She was constantly living in fear that the defendant would come back and do something worse than what he had already done”, the prosecutor added. 

Reading Crown Court heard how Hunter had four previous convictions for six offences, including an incident in March 2022 where he got into an altercation with a traffic warden and told him to ‘go home to their own country.’

Hunter, representing himself, said about his offences against his ex: “I made a number of wrong decisions and I’m sorry for my actions.

“My intention was not to cause her violence, I understand she felt that way but I want to try to move on from this.”

His Honour Judge Hassan Khan said Hunter took the rejection ‘badly’ and “this all culminated in the most disgusting act when you covered her front in your own faces.”

“I do not know where you defecated but it was placed in a tissue.

“It was a disgusting and abhorrent act designed to humiliate your girlfriend.

“You said ‘who would do that?’ when you knew all along it was you.

“You derived some strange satisfaction from being found out.

“There are clearly some issues with your emotional regulation.”

Hunter was sentenced to 18 weeks in prison suspended for 18 months and ordered not to contact his former partner via a restraining order.

He was ordered to take part in 20 days of rehabilitation activities and carry out 100 hours of unpaid work. 

The London man must also pay £300 in compensation to the landlord and £525 in court costs. 

Hunter was sentenced at Reading Crown Court on Friday, August 19.