A 60-year-old charity shop worker was left ‘terrified and vulnerable’ after being 'stabbed' at a Broad Street store.

Shop assistant Kate Burnham has spoken out after the shocking assault that happened on July 11.

She claims the incident unfolded after she heard someone hurling abuse at two people in the shop.

The assistant attempted to intervene before she was reportedly ‘cut’ for telling the abusive customer to leave, Ms Barnham said.

She rushed to Royal Berkshire Hospital A&E where she was treated for a wound that 'could have been caused by a blade', a doctor told Thames Valley Police.

“I was really scared because I never expected that and it’s really scared my children,” said Ms Barnham.

“I was absolutely terrified. I feel angry.”

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Ms Barnham, who was working in the basement of the store at the time when she heard shouting, added: “I said ‘you can’t speak to people like that, get out’ so she turns on me.

“It was like she was incredibly angry.”

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She continued: “She came up to me and started poking me in the top of my arm and it hurt. When I looked, my arm was cut and it was bleeding really heavily.

“She saw the blood and she went.”

Doctors reportedly gave Ms Barnham a tetanus injection and cleaned her wound, she said. No stitches were required, according to police.

Thames Valley Police arrested a woman in connection with the incident the following Saturday (July 16).

"When I saw her [again] on the street on Saturday I was so annoyed because I felt so scared.

“I felt vulnerable, I felt exposed; I felt like she could see me.”

A spokesperson for Thames Valley police confirmed the suspect admitted to some offences while in custody, but did not specify their nature.

“A community resolution was agreed and the victim of the assault was updated accordingly,” the spokesperson said.