A boater who has moorings in Reading has launched an appeal after the council sunk his plan to build an access road to his moorings.

Ivan Carter 53, Tring, Hertfordshire, submitted a plan to build a road to his moorings along the River Thames in Mill Green, Caversham.

However, his application was unanimously rejected by the council’s planning committee on Wednesday, February 2.

Mr Carter has appealed against the decision to the Government’s planning inspectorate.

He said: “What I was applying for is a logical idea in my book.

“It’s in the interest of tidying up a messy old ditch to provide car access, it’s not as if it would create problem.

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“If I was not doing it, someone else would.

“I’ve spent a lot of money going through the process, commissioning reports and hiring legal representation.”

He added some of the 91 public objections to his plan were ‘vitriolic’.

Mr Carter said: “People are entitled to object, but it has to be reasonable, measured and accurate, and that’s where I think things have gone wrong.”

However there are fears that there is an ulterior motive for the road – so that it can be used as access for a housing development at a later date.

To that suggestion, Mr Carter replied: “I would be happy to sign something saying that I will not be building houses on it.”

In 2017, an application (reference 171996) was submitted by John Popplewell to replace The Moorings with two houses, but that plan was withdrawn in 2018.

He maintains the plan is only to provide vehicular access to the moorings.

Mr Carter’s planning agent David Lane argued that vehicular access to The Moorings was established in Ordnance Survey maps from 1882 onwards, and between 1978-2008 there was an undisputed right of way to the site.

When it was refused, officers and councillors raised concerns that the road would have a harmful impact on the pedestrian nature of Mill Green and the surrounding habitat, and could pose a flood risk, as an existing ground drainage ditch would be replaced with gravel.

Reading Chronicle: The footpath along The Moorings at Mill Green in Caversham. Credit: Reading Borough CouncilThe footpath along The Moorings at Mill Green in Caversham. Credit: Reading Borough Council

Also, Jacqueline Winston-Silk, who lives in Mill Green, argued work on building the gravel road would ‘impinge’ access to her and her neighbour’s homes.

She added: “I think the applicant has absolutely failed to recognise the character of Mill Green.

“It is a green corridor, there’s a huge amount of wildlife that is there, and I feel like this is completely at odds with this idea of introducing a road in this location.”

In May, Mr Carter applied to confirm the use of the land as a boatyard and allow works to conducted on it without the need for planning permission (reference 220591).

The appeal can be found on the planning inspectorate website using reference APP/E0345/W/22/3298362, and the council’s planning portal (reference 210544).