A COSMETICS company in Reading has had a revamp and has unveiled its new concept store.

The Body Shop, located inside The Oracle, has reopened in the town today (August 4) and includes a new refill station, which will encourage customers to become more eco-friendly.

Individuals can buy a refillable 300ml aluminium bottle and fill it up with either hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel.

And they can come back into the store when it’s empty and get it refilled.

Other new additions include a sink, which will be used for workshops where customers can try out products such as body scrubs.

And there is also a recycle bin, which gives visitors the opportunity to bring in their old make up packaging, droppers, pumps, small items under 50ml and flexible packaging.

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Watch as store manager Rachel Bushnell shows us around the new additions in the store:


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Ms Bushnell said she’s really excited to reopen to customers.

She said: “This is a really good opportunity for myself and the team and also the community.

“We’re super lucky there’s only a handful of workshop stores in the UK so I’m really excited to bring it to Reading.”

“Customers love the refill idea, I think for us the sink will also be a massive feature, people always really want to try our products especially our body scrubs so it’s a really good opportunity to showcase that.”