10 Reading supporters have won season tickets in the Elm Park Royals giveaway.

The fan group, founded by long-time supporter Paul Mann, are a non-profit organisation who raise funds through generous donations and popular merchandise, such as beer and shirts.

Taking it one step further, they pledged to buy 10 season tickets ahead of the new campaign.

Among the winners include a mum taking her five year son & four year old daughter;a dad taking his 12 year old son for his first year as a Royal and a father & son sat together for their first season tickets together.

Speaking on the draw, Mr Mann was overjoyed that more supporters are now able to head to the SCL Stadium and watch Paul Ince's side for the year.

Talking exclusively to the Reading Chronicle, he said: "The whole foundation of the site is that it is non-profit and it’s nice to give people a big surprise in their lives. It’s great that we’ve been able to do that, linking up with local businesses like Blue Collar and Phantom, and it makes it easier for us to do this through selling merchandise.

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"It’s been in the pipeline for about a month or so before we started doing anything. It took a bit of work, especially getting all the forms and spreadsheets filled in. I’m useless with that kind of stuff so a bit shoutout to Alex [Everson].

"It was amazing that they’re all new season tickets, we didn’t know that when we picked them. To see the stories, such as the father and son who haven’t been able to spend much time together, they’ve now got the link on a Saturday afternoon that I had with my dad. I’m really pleased that we can give people these chances. Above everything else it’s the social side, you get to see people and have that back in your life."

Many of the winners have taken to social media after winning the prize, with personal stories attached to each.

Named El Ginge Gerico on Twitter, he said: "Now I can publicly say it...a massive thankyou to everyone at EPR, me and my son were lucky enough to win season tickets, since moving to Sussex getting to games has been rare for me with all the cost involved and now I can attend games thanks to EPR."

Meanwhile, @stratsislaw added: "Thank you so much ElmParkRoyals and all the amazing people who donated to this brilliant competition. So happy to be taking my son to his first full season at the SCL. He’s never been more than once or twice in a season!! C’mon URRZZZ."